Our Vision

EMPWR.us was created as a platform that allows people from all over the United States to share their political opinions. A place to speak freely. A marketplace of political, social and economic ideas.

Traditional Op-Eds come from sites like the NYTimes or from the Wall St. Journal. But what about the common man? Where does he/she publish an opinion editorial?

That’s what EMPWR.us is for.

Political opinions are not reserved for a select few. We all have them. And sharing those opinions is an American right we all have under the 1st Amendment.

Even more so, your political, social and economic ideas need to be heard by others! The “wisdom of the crowds” effect is sorely lacking in our modern political discourse. These days, too many people are relying solely on popular political pundits to receive new information.

People need to hear both sides of every issue and make decisions on their own as to where they stand. That’s where you come in. Without your next Op-Ed, this type of true political discourse never comes to fruition.

So what are you waiting for? Write your Op-Ed today. Someone out there needs to read what you have to say!