Mitt Romney. We STILL Need Him.

“Dependency is death to initiative, to risk-taking and opportunity. It’s time to stop the spread of government dependency and fight it like the poison it is.” — Mitt Romney

Be honest, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, you wish Mitt Romney was our president right now. And if not right now, you likely hope he is the one moving into the White House in January of 2017. Why is it that he cannot escape the American political conversation? How many times has he said “NO!” yet we cannot seem to get over him. America knows they let a good one get away. America is like the contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” that hesitatingly turns down $500k for a shot at $1m, which they end up not winning, and then kicks themselves and obsesses with the thought of what should have been for the rest of their lives. Never has John Greenleaf Whittier’s timeless adage more aptly described the American electorate: “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been'”.

Mitt Romney has been more popular in the post-election era than he was as a candidate. We have all heard the talking points “Mitt was right about issues X, Y, Z…etc” and he was, but the most apparent thing that has surfaced since the 2012 campaign is the undeniable fact that America needed his leadership then and it needs it even more-so now. You may recall the biggest buyer’s remorse in America’s history when less than a year after the 2012 election, a majority of the country woke up one day and realized they had made a mistake that they cannot now take back…electing Barack Obama to another 4 years instead of Mitt Romney. Why did people feel that way? A worthy question indeed.

So now, here we are nearing the 2016 election and what do we have to go against? Hillary, Biden, and Sanders?! That list of candidates looks more like a punchline to a joke in a cheap horror-comedy film. On the Republican side, one of the few non-lifetime politicians in the current group is Donald Trump, who has admirably built up an impressive empire, but he lacks the likability and broad respect that Mitt Romney commands. Everyone else of consequence running for president (except for the unflappable Ben Carson and the up and coming Carly Fiorina) is a lifetime politician. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great candidates on the Republican side of things, I just wish there was added clarity from each of them of what they bring to the table that will make things different this time around (minus Trump, who has made it clear why he is different for better or worse).


America needs Mitt Romney…still. We have made the monumental mistake of turning his services down two times. We have wandered off into the unknown abyss that was and is Barack Obama and have come back, each of us, longing for something more. We didn’t find our answers in Obamanomics. It didn’t work…experiment over. Americans are progressively less happy as the years go on. Hillary and Bernie will bring much of the same, there will be little to no difference. On the Republican side there is mass division and a plethora of candidates. There isn’t that single enigmatic leader we need. We need a unifier, a statesman, an experienced sage, a grand proponent of American values, a master negotiator, a humble servant of the people and so on. Many are good candidates, but they cannot all be like Mitt Romney! Fellow Americans, we still need him and here’s why:

  • We know him…he is vetted, there is nothing else behind the curtain. Compare that to Hillary Clinton. If we found out tomorrow she was really a Zoroastrian yak herder from Kazakhstan, it wouldn’t shock anyone. No one has a clue what she has going on behind closed doors. I mean, most Americans believe she lies in order to avoid responsibility.
  • He commands broad appeal. Head to head against any major candidate listed above, he can garner major support for any of their voter demographics, except for Bernie Sanders who has a firm grip on the far-left Leninist faction.
  • He doesn’t have crazy radical ideas. Hillary Clinton’s love affair with the radical and amoral Planned Parenthood, and Bernie Sanders with his anti-wealth diatribes are all major issues that a majority of Americans take umbrage to.
  • He is a high-level leader. A true genuine article of modern American inspiration and leadership. Who doubts his ability to command a negotiation? Or make tough decisions with regard to our national debt or Russia or ISIS or immigration?
  • We all know it’s no secret he would be extremely capable with our economy and job creation. It would become his new business venture and he would grow it…immediately. His well written plan for economic reform is still needed. We know for a fact that the archaic policies implemented by Obama to close the gap between the wealthy and the poor don’t work. After 8 years of promises from President Obama, who is really better off? I mean, REALLY? No one! Some folks may have health care coverage now, but according the Census Bureau, average median income in America is DOWN 8% compared to 2007 when Obama took over. So people have more health care coverage, but they are also more broke. Is that a win?
  • He has answers to the things that worry Americans the most. In a recent Gallup Poll we find the most commonly named problems Americans cited when asked the question “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” The responses in order: #1 Dissatisfaction of Government, #2 Economy in General, #3 Unemployment/Jobs. Yup, the three areas where Mitt Romney should be able to clearly help us reverse course on.  A basic review of Mitt Romney’s hand at work should convince us he is serious about all those items that apparently mean so much to most of us. As for the current field of candidates, most of them are the reason Americans are citing those issues in the first place!

I realize that many folks will never vote for him for a variety of reasons, usually their undying loyalty to the Democrat party. These are the people that will vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what even though she so sullied with scandal and decay that I am personally shocked she still has the vote of anyone. But for everyone else who cares, haven’t we suffered buyer’s remorse long enough? Although Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson etc… are addressing issues that are very important and each bring an interesting perspective to the field, we are all wary that they may also bring more of the same at the end of the day. I don’t want more of what we have had and you don’t want more of what we have had. There isn’t always going to be a Mitt Romney available to help restore America to it’s greatness again. We still need Mitt Romney in 2016 and hopefully he is still willing when the time comes.

Brett Nielsen is the current VP of Business Development for Skyrocket Media. Brett holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Utah Valley University and a Masters degree in International Relations from Kings College London. He is a former adjunct faculty of Political Science at Utah Valley University and served as the deputy to the National Finance Co-Chair during the Romney for President campaign in 2012.

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